Steve Coffee, Songwriter

Steve Coffee is a Northern-Virginia based independent songwriter, a member of the Harley String Band, and the maestro behind the Rain Follows the Plow project. He is also a Vice President of the Songwriters Association of Washington.

Songs worth singing

Steve writes songs that may be ironic, poignant, hilarious, or disturbing, but they are anything but ordinary. Find your future hits here!

To the Light

Close encounters with the past--and the inevitable future

Deepwater Requiem

Epic folk tale treatment of the Horizon disaster

Castle of Thorns

The distance between here and there

Going to the Ukraine

Those Ukraine girls make me scream and holler.

Praise the Drugs and Pass the Ammunition

Regarding the War on Sanity

Mert's Mix

An appetizing Okie Rap

The Writing on the Wall

Song and video about visiting my dad's old home place.

The Tiler

Rantings of a mysterious madman--or prophet? Watch the video from Cayamo 2011.

The Foundation

a momentary detour on the way into town

Give It Up if I Wanted To

for all you addicts

Island in Time

would you believe, bossa nova?

This Old Song

The night puts on a magic show right here in my front lawn.


Still relevant, ten years later

Harley String Band Playing for Maximon

Harley String Band

The Harley String Band is an established trio of three powerful songwriters who happen to play an array of traditional American instruments. The band is currently working on its third CD. In shows, they draw on a repertoire that ranges from John Denver to Radiohead, from Appalachia to Liverpool, and they always welcome requests.

Steve wrote or co-wrote such HSB favorites as “Thank You for Calling PizzaCo”, “Guantanamo”, “This Old Song”, “Carry me Back to North Virginny”, and “Deepwater Requiem”.

Rain Follows the Plow, a Dust Opera

Rain Follows the Plow

Rain Follows the Plow is an evolving, open-sourced concept album based on true stories from the Dust Bowl of the 1930s. It gains significance from reanimating an important and underappreciated chapter in our history. In an era threatened by ecological catastrophe, it is an instructive and cautionary tale, perhaps not completely too late.

Steve wrote all the songs (co-wrote a couple) and hopes the project achieves national significance. Currently, some of the Washington area's top singers and musicians are recording a "mach 1" version of the album.